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Visit Shikari Mata Temple on Foothills of himachal Bike Tour

Ride to Shikari mata tample on Foothills of Himalayas Bike Tour

It has been observed that despite the fact that the temple has no roof, no snow is spotted on temple premises during winters when the entire region around this temple is covered in snow up to several feet.


In the lofty peaks enveloping Mandi town in Himachal Pradesh stands the revered Shikari Devi Temple, often referred to as the crown jewel of Mandi due to its majestic splendor. Perched atop the Shikari peak, this temple dedicated to Shikari Devi, the Goddess of the Hunters, boasts a unique feature – a roofless structure believed to have been established by the Pandavas.

Located approximately 18 kilometers from Janjehli, the temple is accessible via a jeepable Forest road, offering a scenic journey through thick forests. Positioned at an altitude of 3359 meters, the trek unveils captivating landscapes with vast green pastures, mesmerizing sunrise and sunset views, and panoramic glimpses of snow-clad ranges – a paradise for nature enthusiasts.



During the winter months, the Shikari Devi Temple transforms into a snowy wonderland, attracting visitors from Karsog, just 21 kilometers away. Surprisingly, despite lacking a roof, the temple premises remain devoid of snow, a phenomenon witnessed while the surrounding region is blanketed in several feet of snow.


Travelers keen on exploration can embark on trekking routes to Chindi, Karsog, and Janjehli, each offering a unique adventure through the pristine hills. For the more adventurous souls, a day-long trek to Kamrunag, covering 16 kilometers of vast pastures and breathtaking scenery, promises an unforgettable experience. However we on our Foothills of himalayas motorcycle tour ride to this temple on bike. ( as close as possible )


According to local legends, the origins of the Shikari Mata temple trace back to the Dwapar Yuga, during the epoch of the Mahabharata. The temple’s significance is also documented in the ancient Markandey Purana, written thousands of years ago, where it is mentioned that Maharishi Markandey engaged in penance in this sacred abode.


The historical narrative of Shikari Mata Temple further unfolds in the tales of the Pandavas. During the Mahabharata, the goddess, initially appearing as an ordinary woman, warned the Pandavas against continuing their gambling match with Duryodhana, predicting dire consequences. Ignoring the warning, the Pandavas threatened her to leave, leading to their subsequent exile.

It was during this exile that the Pandavas, while hunting in the Shikari Devi area, encountered a mysterious deer that eluded their pursuit. In a divine revelation during the night, the goddess disclosed her true identity and instructed the Pandavas to uncover symbolic idols and stone images to establish a roofless temple for her worship.

Adhering to her guidance, the Pandavas discovered the sacred artifacts and erected the unique temple structure as directed by the goddess. This event led to the goddess being named Shikari Mata, symbolizing her appearance in the hills during the Pandavas’ hunt. With the blessings of Shikari Mata, the Pandavas regained their lost kingdom, a narrative that continues to attract devotees from across the country seeking the goddess’s divine blessings.


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