Welcome to the world of 4x4 Expeditions in the Himalayas with BRM Expeditions

where every turn offers a thrilling challenge and every summit rewards you with awe-inspiring vistas.

The Himalayas offer an exhilarating playground for 4×4 expeditions.

Spiti, Kinnaur, Lahul, Pangi, Kullu, Mandi are our playground as we invite you for some 4×4 fun in the mountains. It’s time to swap city streets for mountain trails, and mundane routines for adrenaline-pumping escapades. 

Our 4×4 adventure rides are intricately designed for thrill-seekers, nature lovers, and anyone who craves the taste of true wilderness. Whether you’re an experienced off-roader or a newbie looking to experience the rush of conquering challenging trails, our Himalayan expeditions have something for everyone. From rocky ascents that test your vehicle’s capabilities to river crossings that get your heart racing, each day promises a new adventure. One of the unique aspects of our 4×4 Expedition rides is the opportunity to explore hidden gems that are not on itineraries for most conventional tours. . Each destination on our itinerary is handpicked to offer an authentic experience.


We believe each expedition is special and like to create a unique experience for all our clients. Hence we like to get in touch and get to know what is it that you want from the expedition. We discuss all factors like time you have, any previous experience on trails and in 4×4 vehicles, the gradients that you are looking to ride on etc and curate an expedition tailored to deliver the best outcome. From day rides to 20 day expeditions we have something to offer all comers and want nothing more than to curate memories for our clients.

An important facet of any of our expeditions is to familiarize our clients with the place they are traveling to and a big part of it is the people. We don’t like to be the tourists who are confined to their hotel rooms, we like to be out and about, talk to the locals . We often drive to remote villages where time seems to stand still, and the warmth of the local communities is as inviting as the landscapes are breathtaking. You get to meet and share stories with the locals, savor traditional cuisine, make new friends and sometimes witness traditions that have been preserved for generations.

INDIAN HIMALAYAS is one of the most desirable locations in the world for adventure travelers due to the stunning beauty of the terrain, climate, and cultures. The itineraries of the tour packages offered provide some of the top highlights international travelers can experience on these thrilling 4×4 expeditions with BRM

We’ve provided a few examples below of all the areas where we currently offer our 4×4 Expeditions. Make sure to check back often because we are constantly adding new expeditions and new adventure locations!


4 - 12 DAY TOURS

Zanskar Overland

Zanskar overland is 4x4 expedition that lasts 7-8 days. It Starts from Manali and Finished up in Ladakh .
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Himachal Land of Gods


Himachal Land of Gods

Himachal Land of Gods is 4x4 expedition that Covers trails around Manali , Parvati Valley and Siraj Valley . These trails are not very popular among travellers as not many people know about it, but are hidden gems.
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LADAKH Overland

LADAKH overland is one of the most popular circuits in our 4x4 calendar. From driving through the Highest passes of the world, Camel Safari in Nubra to Camping next to Pangong Lake. This tour has it all .
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5 - 12 DAY TOURS

Spiti Heritage

Drive though the Majestic Spiti Valley on our Spiti Heritage 4x4 Tour. Tour ranges from 5 days to 12 days and has a lot to offer you !
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No matter what needs, whether a simple 4×4 rental, or fully planned road trip, BRM Expeditions is sure to fulfill them all !

We’ve prided ourselves on being industry leading experts in the motorcycle travel industry, but we also recognized that the amazing trips we offer need to be experienced by those of you who prefer to travel on four wheels instead of two.

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We provide Premium Motorcycle Tours across India, Nepal and Bhutan. Our Moist polular touring destinations includes Leh, Spiti, Pangi, Zanskar Valley , Rajasthan , Kerala and Goa.


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