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JULLY LADAKH Motorcycle Tour

Riding the TOp: Conquering Worlds's highest motorable passes

Ride Through Zanskar and Ladakh on this epic Motorcycle Tour

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This epic Julley Ladakh Motorcycle tour promises to be an unforgettable experience as you ride through some of the most breathtaking landscapes in India. From the lush valleys of Manali to the rugged terrain of Zanskar and the high-altitude deserts of Leh, this motorcycle tour offers a blend of natural beauty, cultural richness, and adrenaline-pumping riding.

Experience the ultimate motorcycle adventure on the challenging road from Manali to Leh via Zanskar. Julley Ladakh Motorcycle Tour is full of steep climbs, nerve-wracking turns, and unpredictable weather conditions. The journey takes you through the beautiful landscapes of the Himalayas with snowcapped peaks, glistening glaciers, and breathtaking valleys.

This thrilling ride is not for the faint-hearted, as you will be riding at high altitudes above 10,000 feet. You’ll pass through several high passes such as Shinku La , Baralacha La, and Tanglang La , Khardungla , Changla and more which are sure to test your endurance and riding skills.

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Tour Duration

13 Days

Pillion Friendly


Max Altitude

5,359 m




1500 $ onwards


1950 kms

SUV Cost

1600 $ onwards

Group Size

16 Riders Max



Riding the Manali, Zanskar, Leh route is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that every adventure enthusiast should try at least once. It's a journey that will leave you with memories that will last a lifetime.​

Tour Highlights

  • Atal Tunnel : World’s longest tunnel about 10,000 ft. 
  • Shinku La : Ride through the newly open Shinkula – gateway to Zanskar Valley.
  • Phutkal Gompa : Remarkable monastery that is known for its unique location, architectural beauty, and spiritual significance.
  • Pangong Lake : At an altitude of 4350m , its one of the highest altitude Saline water lakes in the world.
  • Khardung La Pass : Ride to One of the world’s Highest Motorable Pass 
  • Gonbo Ronjon : Often Referred to as Gods peak and perfect for night Photography
  • Nubra sand dunes : Go for camel Safari at Nubra sand dunes.
  • Drang Drung Glacier : Ride past Asia’s Largest glacier
  • Lamayuru Moonland : Famous for the Monastery and landscape that resemble the surface of moon.
  • Leh Palace : Get a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of Ladakh and enjoy panoramic view it provides of Leh town and the surrounding landscapes.
  • Magnetic Hill : Experience “The Phenomenon That Defies Gravity”
  • Thiksey Monastery : Considered the most beautiful monastery in Ladakh. 
  • Gurudwara pathar sahib :  It is home to a rock that resembles the back of Guru Nanak.
Tour De Zanskar - Brm Expeditions

Phuktal Gompa

Accessible via a breathtaking trek from Purne, Phuktal Gompa is a remote cliffside monastery. Its dramatic location and ancient architecture make it a spiritual and photographic marvel.


Famous for the Monastery and landscape that resemble the surface of moon, Lamayuru is probably what you would have seen in photographs of Ladakh.

Visit Pangong Lake on Winds of Ladakh Bike tour by brm Expeditions

Pangong Lake

Camp at this breathtakingly beautiful high-altitude lake nestled amidst the mighty Himalayas and its water reflects different colors depending on the weather and the mountains surrounding it.

Khardung La

One of the world's Highest Motorable Pass that offers not only an adrenaline-pumping adventure but also the opportunity to witness some of the most spectacular scenery in the Indian Himalayas

Nubra Valley

It's renowned for its stunning landscapes, unique culture, and the opportunity to experience high-altitude desert beauty.

Gombo Ronjon

Often Referred to as Gods peak by the local Buddhist population, Gonbo Rongjon is a standalone rocky precipice near Kargyak Village. It’s a great camping site and offers a perfect backdrop for night photography.


Embark on a thrilling 13-day motorcycle tour that will take you from the picturesque town of Manali to the enchanting destination of Ladakh via the mesmerizing Zanskar region. This journey promises to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience that combines the thrill of two wheels with the awe-inspiring beauty of the Himalayan terrain and the rich tapestry of cultures that call this region home. The terrain you’ll conquer on this expedition is not for the faint of heart. The route is a true test of your riding skills. You’ll navigate winding mountain roads, cross high-altitude passes, and even traverse challenging river crossings. Each day will bring new challenges and triumphs as you conquer some of the most rugged and remote landscapes on Earth. The sheer diversity of terrain, from lush valleys to barren plateaus, will keep you on your toes and make every twist of the throttle an adventure in itself.

But it’s not just about the adrenaline rush. This journey is a cultural immersion like no other.

As you ride through quaint Himalayan villages, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with the warm and welcoming locals. You’ll witness the unique customs and traditions of the people who have lived in this harsh yet beautiful environment for generations. Whether it’s savoring traditional Ladakhi cuisine, participating in local festivals, or simply sharing stories by a campfire, you’ll gain insights into a way of life that is worlds away from the hustle and bustle of city living. The monasteries of Ladakh will enchant you with their serene beauty and spiritual significance. The ancient Buddhist monasteries, perched on cliffs and nestled in valleys, provide a peaceful contrast to the rugged terrain. You’ll have the chance to learn about Tibetan Buddhism, witness monks in prayer, and soak in the meditative atmosphere that permeates these sacred sites.


If the minimum number of participants isn’t reached the tour may be cancelled or run with a different format


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Where we ride

The first day of tour is for gaining familiarity, with the crew, bikes and the terrain at hand. After breakfast at the hotel, we gather for a ride introduction, where you will be briefed about the adventure and meet the team accompanying you. What follows is bike allotment and then we head out for a small ride around Manali town, visiting the naggar castle and Jana Waterfall, where we have lunch in local cuisine. Evening for debrief and relaxing in Manali.

Into the Wild Leaving Manali behind, you venture deeper into the Himalayas. Thick forests enclose the road, creating a tunnel of greenery. This is followed by riding through Atal Tunnel, The longest Man Made tunnel above 10000 ft, a marvel of modern engineering. As you come out of the Tunnel into the Lahaul & Spiti district, you would notice a stark difference in Landscape. We halt at Sissu for taking in the views and then in Darcha for Lunch. The anticipation of the unknown lures you forward as you approach Shinku La pass. The road leading upto the newly opened pass gives you your first views of the Majestically barren Mountains and the landscape that you would grow to be familiar with over the next ten days. Upon descending the Shinkula Pass we ride through few water crossings all the way to Gombo Ronjon. The holy Mountain is our stop for the day as we camp at its feet under the milky way that’s more visible than anywhere else you would have see.

Distance : 150 Kms

 An Off Road Adventure: Waking up from your sleep and seeing Gombo Ronjon in all its glory as the first rays of the sun touch the mountain is something that you ll cherish long after the tour is over. After breakfast at the camp, We set out for Purney. The ride, Though only 60 kms is an Off Road Adventure. From the time you turn the ignition on the bikes till you get off the bikes in Purney, theres nothing but dust. This ride tests your downhill riding skills and the dust is almost a right to passage you pay for the views you get. Purney welcomes you with open arms, offering a sanctuary of tranquility. Here, you can take leisurely walks along pristine riverbanks or simply bask in the untouched beauty that surrounds you. It’s a day to reconnect with nature and let its serenity wash over you.

Hike to the Monastery : A Trip through Zanskar is incomplete without the hike to Phutkal Monastery. Perched on the side of a cliff, Phutkal monastery is one of the oldest in the region and is a good 4 km Hike from Purney. We begin the excursion early in the morning and hopefully catch the monks offering prayers. After Breakfast we ride to Padum, the capital city of the Zanskar Kingdom. The road to Padum leads you through a mystical land of monasteries and spiritual exploration. The ancient Stongdey and Karsha monasteries stand as guardians of the valley, their architectural marvels and serene chants echoing through the mountains. Padum is developing Infrastructure at a rapid pace but still the town holds in its spirit the air of an era gone by.

Travelling through Time: As we ride from Padum to Kargil, we halt at Rangdum. What used to be the palace of king of Zanskar is now converted to a Monastery that still holds charm of yesteryears. The ride is mostly on paved roads often through big stretches of wastelands. We cross the Drang Drung Glacier, the biggest in Asia as well as the Nun-Kun mountains, the tallest twin peaks in the Zanskar range of Himalayas. The ride to Kargil is marked by poignant war memorials that serve as a reminder of the region’s historical significance. Challenging terrains and awe-inspiring landscapes make this leg of the journey an adventure intertwined with history.

 The Himalayan Capital: This day we ride from Kargil to Leh. The roads are complete Tarmac, making for a pleasant riding experience/ Enroute we stop at Mulbeck by the ancient statue of Maitreya Buddha and at the Stunning Lamayuru Monastery. Lamayuru is often referred to as Moonland as the landscape here is magnificent and compares favorably to any topography in the world. We reach Leh by evening also riding through the sangam and Magnetic Hill, both points of interest for a first time visitor to Leh. You ascend to Leh, the Himalayan capital, with its vibrant culture and stunning vistas. Take an extra day to adapt to the altitude, explore the bustling markets, and visit monasteries that speak of a rich Ladakhi heritage.

A Rest Day in Leh, to explore its vibrant culture and stunning vistas. Its also important to take this extra day in Leh to adapt to the altitude, explore the bustling markets, and visit monasteries that speak of a rich Ladakhi heritage. You can visit Shanti Stupa, Leh Market , War memorial etc or simply put your feet up and rest in the luxury of your Hotel Room.

Adventure Awaits The road beckons again as you embark on an adrenaline-pumping journey to Nubra Valley. The legendary Khardung La Pass awaits, offering jaw-dropping views The road is mostly tarmac with few off road patches near the Pass. We reach nubra by late afternoon and have some activities planned. In Hunder, you’ll ride camels amidst sand dunes, a unique experience in this rugged terrain.

 – A Blue Paradise : This day we ride to the highest salt water lake in the world, Pangong Tso. A sapphire-blue lake surrounded by rugged mountains, Pangong Tso has been a highlight for all travelers to Leh Ladakh. A cozy campsite near the lake awaits your arrival. The journey from Nubra to Pangong via Wari La pass offers ever-changing landscapes. We Spend the night in a lakeside camp, under a sky filled with stars, reflecting on the magic of the place.

 A Cultural Retreat Return to Leh via Changla Pass and to dive deeper into Ladakhi culture. Explore the intricate architecture of Thiksey Monastery, Shey Palace and savor local delicacies, adding cultural richness to your adventure.

Today, you face high-altitude challenges as you ride to Sarchu. The ride is a treat with great roads leading upto Tanglang La pass, the fourth highest motorable pass and one that’s always bound to have some chill in the air. The night halt is at the grasslands of Sarchu at an altitude of 15500Ft. The stark desert landscape and challenging roads provide an adrenaline rush, a fitting climax to your Himalayan adventure.

 Homeward Bound As you begin your journey back to Manali, you get a fine reminder of all that this tour had, in a day, you cross some high altitude passes, some part of the road is always under construction and it’s a beautiful retracing your path through valleys and forests, and rekindling memories of the past days. This day is a reflective ride, allowing you to savor the journey’s essence. We finish the ride at you hotel in Manali, with tales shared of an epic adventure over some drinks and dinner at the hotel.

Journey’s End Your epic 13-day motorcycle adventure concludes in Manali, where it all began. With stories to share and memories etched in your heart, you’ve experienced an unforgettable journey through the breathtaking landscapes and thrilling adventures of the Himalayas.

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the sense of achievement and satisfaction that comes from completing this challenging tour is unmatched and is bound to be a memorable experience for any rider seeking an adventure of a lifetime.

Tales from this Tour

Julley Ladakh Tour Highlights

The Enigmatic Magnetic Hill of Ladakh

Magnetic Hill in Ladakh is a mesmerizing natural phenomenon that has intrigued and delighted travelers for generations. As a stop on the Julley Ladakh Motorcycle

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Common Questions About This Tour

Answers to some basic questions you might have about this trip .

You should hold a valid motorcycle driving license. An international Driving License though not mandatory is better for you as it would ease any insurance claims that might arise.


You would need a valid passport good for at least 6 months after the last day of the tour you are participating in. You are also advised to carry medical insurance as well as travel insurance that sufficiently covers the bike, you and any third party damages/injuries.


In Event of Sickness or Injury, The BRM Expeditions Support team will try to get the participant to the nearest medical facility. Any Costs or expenditures incurred as a result are to be paid by the participant. Also, depending on the nature of Sickness/ injury and in consultation with the local medical examiner, the BRM Expedition staff reserves the right to cancel the participation of the affected individual. No refund shall be offered in such a case.


No. The tour prices do not cover any Airfare, Be it International or Domestic. The price quoted for a tour can be Inclusive of Taxes, and the confirmation for the same is shared on every tours Included Section.


Yes. The participants must get their riding gear consisting a Hemet, armored Jacket and trousers, Eye Protection Gear, Arm and Knee guards. You can write in to us to discuss the gear and if you want to purchase some in India. Though its better to bring your own gear, BRM Expeditions can offer some gear if one finds getting his gear along difficult.


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Yes, We Always Have Support Vehicles In Our Tours Which Have More Than 5 Bikes. Our Support Vehicles Normally Include Isuzu Dmax Vcross 4×4 And Mahindra XUV500. On Our Larger Groups We Take A Tempo Traveller. These Vehicles Carry All Your Luggage, Spare Fuel And Spares As Well.


Yes. A Passenger Can Join A Tour As A Pillion Or Can Book A Seat In SUV.  Please Write To Us For More Info Regarding This Option.

Yes, We Can Securely Store Any Item At Our Base Until You Return And We Can Even Courier Your Luggage To Your Forward Location If Hiring One Way. If You Are Picking Up The Luggage From Same Place U Left It, Its Free Of Charge. But If U Need To Get It Sent Somewhere Else, Extra Charges Apply.

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