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Riding the Edge: Conquering Worlds's Deadliest Motorcycle Route

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Sach Pass Motorcycle Tour on Worlds Deadliest Roads - BRM EXPEDITIONS

Sach Pass Motorcycle tour is a tour that demands unwavering endurance to tackle its rugged, treacherous trails, where riders must contend with extreme altitudes, narrow paths, and rapidly changing weather conditions.

Sach Pass is not just a physical journey.Iit’s a test of mental strength and determination. Conquering this challenging route instills a sense of achievement that stays with riders for a lifetime. The memory of navigating the treacherous terrain and experiencing the raw beauty of the Himalayas becomes a badge of honor for those who dare to undertake it.

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Tour Duration

9 Days

Pillion Friendly


Max Altitude

4420 m




1200 $ onwards


850 kms

SUV Cost

1100 $ onwards

Group Size

14 Riders Max


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Tour Highlights

    • Atal Tunnel : World’s longest tunnel about 10,000 ft. 
    • Trilokinath Temple : unique religious site that blends both Hindu and Buddhist traditions
    • Mrikula Temple : An ancient temple dedicated to the goddess Mrikula Devi and renowned not only for its spiritual significance but also for its stunning wooden architecture, reflecting the rich heritage of the region.
    • Cliffhanger Road : This route is a haven for motorbike enthusiasts and adventure seekers who relish the adrenaline rush of riding on the edge of cliffs.
    • Pastures of Sural : Renowned for its pristine natural beauty. The valley is enveloped by lush green meadows, dense forests, and towering Himalayan peaks. 
    • Sach Pass : Cross one of the toughest passes in Himalayas, The Sach Pass Located at 4,420 meters high mountain pass in the Pir Panjal.
    • Khajjiar also know as Mini Switzerland
    • Dalhousie Cafes : Enjoy stunning views of the Dhauladhar mountain range while enjoying delicious local cuisine
    • Norbulingka Institute : Hub for Tibetan art and culture
    • Deadliest Route : Often referred to as the “Deadliest Route” due to its challenging terrain, unpredictable weather, and high risk of landslides and avalanches. The road is narrow and often carved out of the mountainside, with steep drops on one side, adding to its reputation as a formidable challenge.
    • Tsuglagkhang Monastery : residence of the 14th Dalai Lama 
    • Himalayan Landscapes : Throughout the journey, riders are treated to a diverse range of Himalayan landscapes, from lush green valleys to barren, high-altitude regions. The contrast in scenery adds to the adventure and visual appeal of the route.
    • Breathtaking Valleys :  known for its pristine beauty, with lush green pastures, meandering rivers, and dense forests. The valleys are a natural paradise for those seeking serenity and tranquility in the lap of the Himalayas.
    • Rugged Terrain : The rugged terrain along the Sach Pass route includes rocky sections, river crossings, and stretches of loose gravel. Riders must navigate these challenging conditions with skill and caution, making it a test of both riding expertise and mental endurance.
    • Pangi Culture: Interact with the warm and hospitable locals of Pangi Valley, known for preserving their unique culture and traditions.
Camp at Sural Batori on Sach Pass Motorcycle tour with Brm Expeditions

Sural Valley

The Pastures of Sural offer serene and verdant landscapes with vast green meadows surrounded by towering peaks and is a perfect setting for nature enthusiasts looking to immerse themselves in the tranquil beauty of Himachal Pradesh's wilderness.

Ride through Cliffhanger route With BRM Expeditions

Cliffhanger Road

The Cliffhanger Road, offers riders a thrilling adventure with its narrow roads and steep cliffs, providing breathtaking views of the Chandra-Bhaga mountain ranges.

Tour De Sach Pass with BRM Expeditions

Sach Pass

Explore this UNESCO World Heritage Site renowned for its rich cultural and architectural heritage. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty, surrounded by picturesque hills and River.

Tsuglagkhang Monastery

A place of worship and the residence of the 14th Dalai Lama. Explore the serene grounds, witness Buddhist rituals, and gain insights into Tibetan Buddhism and culture.

Visit Khajjiar with BRM Expeditions


often called "Mini Switzerland" due to its striking resemblance to the Swiss landscapes with rolling meadows, dense forests, and a serene lake.

Explore Norbulingka Institute with BRM Expeditions on Sach Pass Motorcycle Tour

Norbulingka Institute

Hub for Tibetan art and culture, dedicated to preserving traditional Tibetan arts and crafts. It also houses workshops, a temple, and beautifully landscaped gardens, providing a serene and culturally enriching experience.


Nestled deep within the rugged heart of the Himalayas lies an epic motorcycle tour waiting to be explored – the Sach Pass Motorcycle Tour in the Pangi Valley. This hidden gem in the northern reaches of India offers riders an unparalleled adventure, combining the thrill of off-road riding with magnificent views that define motorcycle tours in the Himalayas.

The Sach Pass Motorcycle Tour is not your typical ride; it’s an odyssey that beckons the daring. This journey is for those who crave the epic motorcycle tour experience, those who understand that the path less traveled leads to the most extraordinary destinations.
As you embark on this adventure, prepare to leave the asphalt behind. Pangi Valley is a rugged terrain, a wilderness where paved roads are a luxury, and nature reigns supreme. Here, you’ll navigate through untamed landscapes, conquering rocky trails, splashing through streams, and ascending to dizzying heights.

Your motorcycle will become your trusted companion, the engine of your liberation in this untamed paradise. But it’s not just the thrill of off-road riding that defines the Sach Pass Motorcycle Tour; it’s the reward that awaits those who dare to conquer it. This remote valley is a treasure trove of natural wonders, where every twist and turn reveals a magnificent vista that defies imagination. 

Towering snow-capped peaks pierce the sky, their majesty humbling all who stand before them. Verdant valleys cradle pristine meadows, where the air is crisp and the wildflowers bloom in vibrant profusion. And as you ride along the edge of precipitous cliffs, the Chandra Bhaga River roars below, a constant companion on your epic motorcycle tour through the Himalayas.

The Sach Pass Motorcycle Tour is a realm where time seems to stand still, where the modern world’s clamor and chaos are replaced by the serenity of nature’s symphony. It’s a place where you can disconnect from the digital realm and reconnect with the primal rhythms of the Earth. Camp beneath a blanket of stars, swap stories by a crackling bonfire, and experience the warmth of the valley’s hospitable inhabitants who welcome you into their world.

Its also not only about the off road riding experience , for in this tour you would also behold some of the most fascinating and quaint hill stations in India and get a chance to get in touch with you spiritual side as we visit the monastery where his holiness the Dalai Lama resides.


If the minimum number of participants isn’t reached the tour may be cancelled or run with a different format


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Tucked away in the northern reaches of India’s Himachal Pradesh, amidst the towering Himalayan peaks, lies a treacherous trail that demands both courage and expertise from those who dare to traverse it.  

This is the Sach Pass, often heralded as one of the deadliest motorcycle routes in the world, a place where adventure seekers and thrill enthusiasts come to test their mettle against nature’s formidable forces.



In the heart of the Himalayas, Sach Pass stands as a testament to human determination and the indomitable spirit of adventure. This deadliest motorcycle route beckons to those who yearn for an experience that goes beyond the ordinary, an experience where nature reveals its raw, unfiltered beauty, and where the rider discovers the depths of their own courage. As you embark on this journey through Sach Pass on Sach Pass Motorcycle Tour by BRM Expeditions, be prepared to face the challenges head-on and to savor the rewards that await you at every twist and turn of the road.

Where we ride

The first day of tour is for gaining familiarity, with the crew, bikes and the terrain at hand. After breakfast at the hotel, we gather for a ride introduction, where you will be briefed about the adventure and meet the team accompanying you. What follows is bike allotment and then we head out for a small ride around Manali town, visiting the naggar castle and Jana Waterfall, where we have lunch in local cuisine. Evening for debrief and relaxing in Manali.

Post a sumptuous breakfast at the hotel we begin our ride to Udaipur, a small town in the Lahaul district. We cross the Atal Tunnel, Worlds longest tunnel over 10000ft in altitude and enter Lahaul valley where you would be amazed at the immediate change of landscape. We enter the almost barren lands from The lush green forests in Manali all within 10 mins that it takes for us to cross the tunnel. Sissu waterfall adds to the splendor of Lahaul valley as we leave broad tarmac 2 lane roads in Tandi. The roads leading to Udaipur are narrow yet paved and everywhere you look small villages dotted on sides of barren mountains make for a pleasant scenery. We visit Trilokinath temple near Udaipur, which hold significant religious value for both Hindu and Buddhist inhabitants of Lahaul . Evening at a hotel in Udaipur.

Dust, Gravel, More dust, some more gravel followed by a lot more dust and to add to that, roads cut through mountains from Cliffs with more than 1000 ft deaddrops accompanying you for about 30 kms. That’s a brief of how riding is going to be on this day. A Feast for those who love off road adventures. Often featured amongst the deadliest roads in the world, this section is bound to give you adrenaline rush like no other. A distance of 80kms takes good part of a full day as we ride to one of the remotest regions in India connected by the road. The landscape is amazing and more than makes up for the inconvenience caused by the road. We check you in one of the only few hotels in the region where you can take a hot shower and relax after a tiring day of Riding.

Killar kind of is the definition for the ride, the off road riding on Day 3 of the tour calls for some rest and recuperation, hence on Day 4 we keep th ride small and take you to one of the most unexplored yet beautiful regions of Pangi Valley. Sural Bhatori, our destination for today, is a small village, nestled in hills, 25kms away from Killar, just an hours ride but seems a world apart. As we camp on a table mountain, Our enthusiastic and knowledgeable host entertains us with countless tales ranging from Mythology to organic farming. The view here is simply stupendous and if lucky, we might be in for spotting a brown bear or two just across the mountain from us. Sural is a photographers paradise, with pastures, livestock and milky way, all just a click away.

The longest ride, the toughest ride, the money shot of Sach Pass and the most tiring ride of the tour. We start early from Sural as we have a big day ahead. After 20-25kms of good Tarmac, we resume our off road adventure as we ride to Sach Pass. Situated at an altitude of 14480ft, the Sach pass is quite a challenge owing to the constant uphill off road riding and tests both the endurance of the bike as well as the skills of a rider. The reward is stunning natural beauty and a sense of accomplishment. The pass itself is beautiful and you would be greeted by fog, even on a clear day and the decent from Sach pass to Bairagarh is reminiscent of riding downhill from Rohtang to Manali, A ride no longer available. As you descend towards Chamba, the scenery transforms to dense forests, terraced fields and charming villages. We rest in a good hotel in Chamba to relax our back and limbs, glad that the off road section of the tour is over.

Short Rides interspersed with Magnificent views as we ride to the mini Switzerland of India, Khajjiar. You can enjoy the vast pastureland, sitting on fresh grass making conversations, exploring the local shops for art and Handicraft or even go for horse riding in this beautiful reserve. We spend a couple of hours here before we continue to ride the winding roads amidst dense forests and make time for Dalhousie, one of the cleanest hill stations you will find in India. Dalhousie with its magnificent hotels and small shops, pizzerias and cafes is a straight swap for an European village and also happens to be our halt for the night. Evening is for you to explore the market and dive into the buzz of this hill station with live music and café hopping.

 We have 120 kms to cover this day and the ride is on tarmac roads. The ride not only offers an exhilarating adventure but also showcases the natural beauty and cultural richness of the region. We begin the day by visiting Chamera Dam near Dalhousie and .arrive in Dharmsala in time to catch the sunset from the Naddi view point. Dharamsala is the capital for Tibetan govt in exile and the region has a profound impact of Tibetan culture. We spend the evening exploring the town and sampling some local delicacies before retiring for the evening in our comfortable hotel.

Day 8 is for Spirituality and reflection. This day is reserved for you to dawn a tourists hat and explore Dharamsala. We begin the day by visiting the Bhagsu waterfall and thereafter have visits to Tsuglagkhang Temple, the Dalai Lama’s place, St Johns Church and the Norbulingka Institute planned for you. After all, the tour is not just about riding and riding alone. This day in Dharamsala would offer you a unique view into the diversity of India and some refreshing spiritual energy found only in Himalayas.

Last riding day of the tour and the biggest in number of kilometers covered. We cover 240 Kms on this day riding from Dharamsala back to Manali where this whole journey began. The roads are nice and we would get to ride through many tunnels, engineering marvels that cut through the Himalayan ranges and are proof of perseverance and a scientific approach. The 7 hour ride would end with you back in Manali where we would gather for a final get together, share memories and momentos from the trip and officially end this chapter of our adventure together.

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Answers to some basic questions you might have about this trip .

You should hold a valid motorcycle driving license. An international Driving License though not mandatory is better for you as it would ease any insurance claims that might arise.


You would need a valid passport good for at least 6 months after the last day of the tour you are participating in. You are also advised to carry medical insurance as well as travel insurance that sufficiently covers the bike, you and any third party damages/injuries.


In Event of Sickness or Injury, The BRM Expeditions Support team will try to get the participant to the nearest medical facility. Any Costs or expenditures incurred as a result are to be paid by the participant. Also, depending on the nature of Sickness/ injury and in consultation with the local medical examiner, the BRM Expedition staff reserves the right to cancel the participation of the affected individual. No refund shall be offered in such a case.


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Yes. The participants must get their riding gear consisting a Hemet, armored Jacket and trousers, Eye Protection Gear, Arm and Knee guards. You can write in to us to discuss the gear and if you want to purchase some in India. Though its better to bring your own gear, BRM Expeditions can offer some gear if one finds getting his gear along difficult.


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Yes, We Can Securely Store Any Item At Our Base Until You Return And We Can Even Courier Your Luggage To Your Forward Location If Hiring One Way. If You Are Picking Up The Luggage From Same Place U Left It, Its Free Of Charge. But If U Need To Get It Sent Somewhere Else, Extra Charges Apply.

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